Home Equity
Your home equity can give you all the cash you need. Think of it as a big savings account. You put money into your house - the down payment, then payments each and every month. Now you can take money out of your house!
Use Your Equity For Anything You Want. It's your choice:

  • Remodel the kitchen, the bath, add a pool or a deck
  • College tuition or professional advancement
  • Investment opportunities
  • Vacation, travel
  • Payoff higher rate credit cards and loans, consolidate your bills and free up more of your paycheck

Consider these important ways a home equity loan works for you:

  • Larger amounts of credit - up to $100,000 or more
  • Lower interest rate on your credit - generally lower than credit cards or other types of consumer credit
  • Lower monthly payments - which may be even lower if you choose to consolidate all your credit into one easy to pay loan
  • Tax deductibility of interest - 100% tax deductible in almost all cases, unlike the interest on any other type of consumer loan. (Consult with your tax advisor to verify deductibility in your specific case)

Put Your Equity to Work for You Today

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Start enjoying the better life you deserve!

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