Enjoy Fully Automated Payment Processing
With Complete Online Access

JGB Bank’s fully automated, secure browser based Online Lockbox Service provides a fast, convenient way for any business that has repetitive client billing to process payments. This service puts you in control of your payment processing system with:
  • Same day processing available
  • Online processing with no coupons
  • Daily, detailed reporting of payments received
  • Complete online access to all posting information
  • Powerful archive retrieval and search tools
  • View images of deposited items

Ideally suited for any coupon payment processing task, JGB Bank’s Online Lockbox Service provides the highest level of financial control, efficiency, convenience and accuracy.

With your Online Lockbox Service, you can research any relevant information in just seconds, not the hours or days a manual lockbox service requires. Plus, you can store years of payment information online, freeing up your own valuable storage capacity. And the Internet browser interface is simple and easy to use.

There’s more: equipped with secure, encrypted access over the Internet, you can - anytime you want -
  • View images of all payments online
  • Automatically post transaction files to all popular accounting systems such as Quickbooks
  • Research online at your discretion
  • Access all reports and transaction files online
  • Process almost any coupon format
  • Save time, save money and reduce operating costs.

Unlock your lockbox service - and gain complete online access - with JGB Bank’s easy to use Online Lockbox Service. Click here for a demonstration.

For more information call your account officer or our Head Office at (305) 418-6000
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