Business Banking / Cash Management Account
Cash Management Account

If liquidity and security are your goals, look into JGB Bank's Overnight Sweep Account.

The Overnight Sweep Account is designed for clients who keep larger balances and need immediate availability of their funds. The Overnight Sweep Account pays you interest on excess balances while maximizing your return on available funds.

Above a specified minimum investment, JGB Bank will automatically invest excess balances from your account into an overnight investment account that earns a competitive interest rate. Furthermore, your overnight Sweep balances are fully and separately secured with U.S. Government Sponsored Securities giving you an added margin of safety on your invested funds. Daily confirmations of sweep activity are mailed to you. All sweep activity is through your checking account and appears on your monthly statement

This product is not FDIC insured.

For more information please contact your account representative at 305-418-6000.

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